carbon of code

For generating vector images for Schunk Carbon Technologies, we required a tool that was flexible and easy to use. This generator loads any image and converts it to the characteristic carbon pattern. Tile size and […]

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orbit of code

A highly complex key visual for the adding value within the wood-working process. As an interactively usable graphic chart it shows correlations in terms of „connected factory“ – starting with staff, logistics and technology up […]


snowflakes of code

In Winter 2014, halbautomaten and ofcode created this tool to generate two thousand unique snowflake postcards for friends and clients. Together with the printed snowflakes, a microsite for the snowflake-generator was created. Click the snowflake below […]


documentation of code

Automated graphic interpretation of wiki-based content. The exporter tools of K15t Software generate linear, printable documents from wikis. Together with K15t Software we developed a script, that generates artwork for each chapter. A visual fingerprint […]


sounds of code

Visualisation of music files. The selected song is visualised in real-time. Each song is drawn clockwise, so top marks both the beginning and the end of the song. Frequencies are mapped to the color, volume […]


green of code

“DGNB Orbit” is a tool for creating complex pie charts from the datasets of the DGNB’s Auditors ( The chart visualizes the broad range of criteria, that make the buildings sustainability rating. The bar height […]


networks of code

A quick overview and good accessibility are key, when visualizing global information. Generative design allows us to process large amounts of data and to update input quickly and automatically (via Internet). Interactivity and animation allow […]


plays of code

These book covers were designed for a fictional book edition. Six classical plays were analyzed by parsing through their script to collect data. The white circles represent the actors, their size represents the amount of […]


growth of code

“Wachstum” is an interactive illustration for the iPad magazine “Enkelfähig” by Haniel. The illustration mimics the behaviour of a liquid within a petri dish. The interactive version uses WebGL shaders and reacts to mouse movement. Move […]


lottery of code

Visualizations are able to make an impression and evoke a certain feeling, without any regards to numbers and explenations. Just like illustrations, they can be focused on entertainment rather than education. Opposed to being created […]

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stars of code

Star Wars mailing to promote The infographic shows the dialogue length, actions and appearences for Episodes 1-6. It was generated by analyzing the screen play for each movie.  


aesthetics of code

Interactive Moiré illustration built with Processing. Created to experiment with different screen resolutions (e.g. retina displays) and color impressions. Move your mouse over the circles to shift the two shapes.


mirrors of code

This WebGL app is a simulation of a reflective, ever changing surface. Any given image can be loaded into the simulation. The generated shape is always unique and constantly recalculated in real time.